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  • My Child Deserves the Best! Give Me Instant Access Now!

    This is an eBook. You will get INSTANT ACCESS!


    • Watch your child’s face light up with excitement as they have success with reading, writing and spelling.

    • Have a program full of fun, easy, effective and engaging step-by-step activities.

    • Make learning to read, write and spell an enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

    • Complete activities in only 20 minutes a day.

    • Have a program that can be personalised to your child’s individual needs.

    • Build a love of learning

    Why This Program is for You and Your Child

    • 25 weeks of content based on scientifically proven strategies to teach reading, writing and spelling.

    • 100’s of activities so your child will be stimulated and engaged at all times.

    • Synthetic phonics activities, scientifically proven to be the most effective way to teach early literacy.

    • Speedy Start section to enable your child to learn 35 phonemes (sounds) in 11 weeks.

    • Step-by-step instructions. Now there is no need to wonder about what to say and do.

    • Easy to use and follow so you will be empowered and confident to help your child.

    • Short and effective activities so your child’s attention is held and utilised

    • Teaching tips and strategies on every page, it is like having me there offering you advice.

    • Phonemic awareness activities, an essential skill for children otherwise they may find learning to read and write challenging.

    • Essential play-based activities, important in the early years of development.

    • Multisensory activities to accommodate all learning styles.

    • Simple and fun actions and games to practice new concepts.

    • Flexible to suit your child’s interests and needs.

    • Vocabulary building activities. Research proves growth in this area can predict a child’s reading success.

    “This program was developed through my love of teaching children to read and write, along with my desire to help parents feel empowered and confident to help their children at home. “


    BONUS # 1

    Printable Resources 

    (Value $17)


    Graphemes (letters)

    Sight Words

    Spelling Words

    Writing Words

    Lines for writing tasks

    BONUS # 2

    Activities for Other Curriculum Areas

    (Value $27)



    History & Geography

    Creative Arts

    Health & Physical Education

    These activities help develop skills and knowledge needed for the early years of education.

    BONUS # 3

    Lifetime Program Upgrades

    (Value $27)

    You will be notified and have instant access to all updated editions of the program.

    The whole program with bonuses is worth $98

    Here’s Why Parents Love Our Program

    This book is amazing! Being a first-time mum, I had no idea where to start with teaching my son how to read, write, or spell. The easy-to-follow lessons in this book are short and fun so are easy to fit into the day, and keep my son engaged (not an easy feat!). There is a range of activities to choose from, so we’re able to pick ones that suit his skill level as well as ones that challenge him. I’ve recommended this learning program to all the mums I know!

    With the success of using Paula’s book, I also engaged her for some private consulting sessions which have been invaluable. It’s been great to get personalised feedback and strategies that we can use to support our son’s learning at home and in everyday activities. It’s made learning fun in our house!

    Leanne Lees - Melbourne, Australia

    My 5yo son is LOVING the program. He actually comes home and asks to do “his homework”. I can easily get him doing it for 40mins or so.

    He is able to read the flashcard words by the end of the session (which he doesn’t necessarily know at the beginning) and can easily recall them at our next session.

    The book is very easy to follow, even for a time poor mum of 3 and I find it really easy to adapt the book format to his level – you can pick and choose from the wide variety of activities on offer and make sure he is challenged and engaged by them while still having fun. So all in all really great stuff that I have already recommended to my other mum friends!!

    Rebecca Assice - Singapore

    As a first-time mum of a school child we really were flying blind, until Paula’s book and expertise. A step-by-step way to build on what our daughter was learning at school alleviated the stress for all of us. I now feel like I’m giving her the best opportunities from early on to success at school and beyond. A must have!

    My coaching sessions with Paula have been so insightful and helpful. She has put my mind at ease, and I’ve gained so much more confidence in how to help my daughter. I’m so glad I have her to call on for support and guidance.

    Danielle Byers - Auckland, New Zealand

    I have a 6-year-old and only just came across this book and wish I had access earlier! I’ll have to use next with my 3-year-old. The book is full of super easy, detailed steps to help your early reader. Activities for each letter range from cooking or physical activity to tactile manipulation or creative arts! So many options and at only 20 minutes a day it provides so much value! 

    Jaclyn Whelan - Colorado, USA

    Hi, I’m Paula ….

    I’m a mum, early childhood teacher and educational coach.

    For over 24 years I have been devoted to building the foundation of literacy skills in young children in private and public schools internationally. 

    I have also been a consultant for an international literacy company based in Australia and the UK.

    I combine my love, expertise and knowledge of early childhood education with what I know works at home and in educational settings in my programs and coaching services.

    I know all too well how vital the early years of development are to set the foundations for future learning.

    “I believe every child should be given the best possible sparkling start to their education.”

    Other Ways I Can Help You

    1:1 Coaching Service

    I provide additional and personalised online support and guidance to ensure you feel confident to give your child the best possible sparking start with their early learning.

    Help boost the results you and your child can achieve with the program.

    I assess where your child is at and identify their needs to personalise the program.

    We build your child’s love of learning together.

    “I look forward to connecting with you.”

    My Child Deserves the Best! Give Me My Copy Now.


    This is an eBook. You will get INSTANT ACCESS!

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